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Been a while

Hi all

So a lot has happened

I mean not like really a lot

but it feels like a lot has happened.

I was in a show, Into The Woods, which closed about two weeks ago. It was such an amazing experience, amazing people, the text is absolutely incredible. "...when you've had an and when you're back to or, makes the or mean more than it did before" a fantastic line.

Giants in the Sky was difficult, but we managed.

coming UP, i'm putting together a little cabaret. I'm excited about it. i think it will be cool. i hope it will be cool. mandy patinkin and bo burnham are big inspirations for me in terms of this cabaret.

mandy, however, makes me feel like a weenie boy. here's why: because i only play these weenie boy characters like Seymour in Lil' Shop, and Jack in ITW, which I love playing, but i also love singing songs like Soliloquy from Carousel and Pierre in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet, but I will never be (or at least not for a VERY long time) cast in those types of roles.

my a1 audition is in a couple days, excited about that. i haven't done a monologue in a very long time so it will be a very...interesting, experience.

that's all.

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