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what i've been watching

someone very important to me has recommended Big Mouth. i've tried to watch it but it makes me so deeply upset, it brings back all of those awkward weird upsetting and unsettling middle school memories. i understand it's a good and well made show, but i have struggled trying to watch it.

it's getting easier. but jeez.

i've also been watching schitt's creek. this show is fantastic, it puts me in my feels. especially the episode where david said to patrick "i love you too" this episode hurt.

have to hold on to the things most important to us, life is short.

i watched tenet last night. was very confusing. will probably watch again just to have a handle on whatever the fuck that movie was.

that's all for now! peace.

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Ethan St Germain
Ethan St Germain
Dec 30, 2020


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