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hi, haven't updated you in a moment, here i am to do just that.

just finished schitt's creek, and the finale was very good, ended excellently, however (SPOILER, SKIP TO ***** IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE A SPOILER, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, IF YOU READ ON IT IS YOUR FAULT) i will say the choice to have patrick sing at their wedding was fucking dumb. i hated that. it was awkward, cringey, and not in a good way. did not enjoy that. the singing at the open mic night a few seasons ago, see, made SENSE, because it was an open mic night. i still think it was weird, but it was contextual and made sense for the show. him singing took me out of the moment completely. ugh whatevs.


okay, continuing on now.

so finished schitt's creek, i just heard the song "Back Pocket" by Vulfpeck, and wow what a cute song. love love love it. new fave for sure.

kim and ye divorcing. ouch. this will be very weird, especially for kanye who has publicly struggled with his mental health. maybe this will give him content for a great album.

i got back to bloomington today to begin semester 2 (and go on a little trip with my roommates). i walked into my house and immediately felt the weight of the stressors that i always have in this house. with one of my roommates always working out in the living room, i can't escape the thoughts of "hm there's some shit i need to be doing right now." i wish she had a separate working space. i definitely prefer working in my room, away from others. when i'm around others, i can't really focus on myself.

i'm trying to worry less about what others think of me. first of all, it is incredibly narcissistic of me to assume that people think of me at all. simply no one gives as much of a fuck about me as i think they do. lmaoooo. so yeah that's my goal, just do me, stay in my lane, and think less of other people's thoughts about me. we'll see how that goes.

also, this itsy bitsy crush i have, lmao having feelings is annoying.

cabaret. oh baby my cabaret might be sick. i'm looking VERY forward to that. i'm still working it out, i want it to be dope, but sometimes i'm like "this isn't working." but i'm looking forward to it. if i can do everything that i wanna do, this will be a very cool and very dope show.

that's all for now, peace.

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