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last semester begins in 3 days


so my last semester of college begins in about three days, which is nerve wracking as always.

it's exciting.

but it is nerve wracking.

the idea of leaving school is scary, as the state of everything is so deeply uncertain. but i just submitted to A1 auditions and i'm hoping to hear back.

went to colorado to visit my roommate kieran. was a fun trip, but i'm not a very outdoorsy person, so there were some challenging moments. i fucking hate skiing.

speaking of skiing, such a strange sport. we went skiing at this resort called Purgatory, which was this beautiful, very very nice resort, and i noticed distinctly that there were two groups of people who partake in the sport of skiing

  1. privileged (mostly) white folks who have a lot of money and can spend thousands on these obscene trips to ski resorts, staying overnight, spending a ton of money on the sport of skiing.

  2. outdoorsy, sometimes stoner (still, mostly white) folks who in fact don't have a lot of money, but every penny they make goes towards outdoorsy activities.

skiing is simply not my sport. it was very overly-saturated with white people.

i'm glad to be back in bloomington, i enjoy my fortress, my headquarters, my bedroom.

EXTREMELY excited to get back to into the woods. cannot wait to bring jack to life for an audience.

in addition, FYC just dropped a live acoustic set and that was super fun to produce, however i did not perform very well in it. someone commented "is someone gonna tell ethan to stay on beat" that fucked w my confidence. not because a stranger did not enjoy it, or said something mean, but because i knew they were right.

i need to be better. and i will be!

that's all for now.


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