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so spotify wrapped szn is among us. this is a super fun time of year for sure, i absolutely love seeing what people have been listening to, it gives me a real insight into how their year has been, even though 2020 has probably been similar for many people lmao. my friend michael, his top songs were Love by Kendrick, Chanel and Ivy by Frank, and Ex Calling by 6LACK, and when he sent me his spotify wrapped i said "u good?" lmao.

it was surprising what was on my wrapped.

i thought it would be...different, to say the least. i saw songs high up on the list that i haven't listened to in FOREVER but i guess i must have been listening to them all the time when they were circulating through my playlists. that was super surprising.

i think one of my favorite songs to come out this year was U Should by CHIKA, she's so good, and her first verse especially really captures a feeling so well. sheesh.

(this isn't sponsored btw, i am just a big big fan).

post one done. lmao. bye!

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