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what am i supposed to be doing

so here i am, about to graduate from college, and i'm not entirely sure what i'm supposed to be doing. i know nothing is linear, life is long and there are many different paths i COULD take, but i'm trying to be as prepared as possible. everyone around me seems like they have everything figured out, like my roommate is so awesome because she has so many different and contrasting interests, and my class of musical theatre folks really do so many different things and i look up to them all a lot

and i FEAR that they don't look up to me the same way.

you know what's funny, i'm writing this right now as i help my roommate with her sound design project, doing voice over work (which she does and actually just booked her first job for omg good for her).

anyways, i discovered this song recently, Sara Lee from The World Goes Round which i wanna film in a kitchen and use baking items and make it this funny thing. i also could include it in my cabaret, maybe!

okay that's all for now.

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